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 Shikora, Komakai WIP

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Komakai Shikora
Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Shikora, Komakai WIP   Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:44 pm

Name: Shikora, Komakai

Gender: Female

Age: 21




Komakai is a fit young woman with long, light pink hair, pale aqua-colored eyes and a heart-shaped face. She wears based around a sleeveless white overcoat over a brown turtleneck-like shirt and a green metallic pauldron with yellow stripes. Notably, she also wears a red cape attached to her back on the left side, a long black sleeve over her left arm, knee-high leather boots, and a brown mini-skirt over high-topped black shorts. Her Sword is carried behind her in a black case which hangs off her belt, along with a red pack strapped to her left leg. In addition, she also has a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant, two black bands around her right bicep, and a silver navel piercing.

Komakai also had mouths in each of the palms of her hands for shaping his clay she wears a utility belt with two bags where she carries all of her clay.

Komakai has, among other things, a strong sense of justice. She refuses to watch the strong oppress the weak, in any situation, and will blow her cover if she has to. This sense of justice is so strong; it overwrites everything else she knows. As a result, she often takes the bullet for almost everyone except herself, who she often refuses to defend. But she remains determined to defend the meek and innocent, no matter the cost to herself.

she has a grand appreciation for art, in all its forms. Paintings, poems, sculptures and even buildings, all of them impress Komakai. she has the skills to draw, and some rudimentary writing skills, but the rest is beyond her. It’s her hope one day to create a grand work of art that will last long after she passes away, and something she holds on to during the long days of training and missions.

Komkai is very polite to her friends and such, and is also extremely friendly. She makes it easy for others to like her, and is willing to listen rather than talk. She takes other people’s problems on instead of which are substantial and of a large variety. But she doesn’t let them shine through; she almost always has a smile on her face. She speaks to leaders with the respect.

Likes: Chewing on ice cubes, sarcasm, plants (seeing as there is almost no plant life in her village), art and singing

Dislikes: fire, thinking about her past, anyone thinking she cant take care of herself

History Background:

Komakai was born into a family of two brothers and three sisters. Her mother died Kumori was kind and gentle and her father was compelled by her kindness. Komakai witnessed death for the first time at age two when her youngest brother Fuishen suffered and died from a blood illness that was passed along by his father. Only one other child in komakai's family had this illness, and that was komakai herself. The village doctors and komakai's father believed she herself would be dead by age three. komakai prevailed and kept her life, although the illness still affected her abilities to move and live regularly. She often experienced pain from the illness. Her father instilled in her mind that pain led to weakness, and weakness was not acceptable. Because of this, Komakai learned at an early age to hid her pain. Tragedy struck the family once again when Komakai was four. Kumori was killed on an attack to the village, leaving Komakai and her many siblings under the care of her father, Kei. After his wife's death, Kei was relentless and harsh in caring for his children. Two of komakai's sisters, Miah and Sein, died first under the cruel training of Kei. This left Komakai's brother Lea and her remaining sister Lilah. Lea died after receiving a beating from Kei when Kei was angered by a moment of weakness that komakai experienced in training. Lea's death haunted Komakai and she vowed to never let anyone be punished because of her. Remaining in the broken family was Lilah and Komakai. They were best friends; the only friends either had ever had. Both dreamed of escaping Kei's wrath, but this dream never came fully true. Komakai had also hoped of changing her father's actions. She hoped to change him for the better.. For bother Lilah and herself. Her father was not changeable though and Lilah died in an "accident" while training. This left Komakai alone with her father and his training. His harsh behavior and raising led to Komakai's cold outer personality. He is also responsible for her fear of fire and her many scars, primarily the large burn scar on her right arm. Since she received this scar, Komakai keeps her right upper arm bandaged to hide it. When Komakai was 7, her father died. His cause of death is unknown and Komakai refuses to talk about it, although many villagers believe she finally retaliated and fought back to her father's torture. They had known all along of Kei's actions, yet none had done anything to help his children. Growing up and seeing the village's lack of care and compassion led to her development of sarcasm and lack of trust in others. After Kei's death, Komakai was put into the care of the very people she grew up disliking. The village enrolled her in ninja academy and she began her training. All expected her to fail because of the setbacks she experienced from her illness still present in her blood. Contrary to their beliefs though Komakai excelled through her classes and learned the many aspects of her training. Her Ninjutsu studies strengthened her beliefs in kindness and caring and her harsh outer core was slightly broken down. She first trusted others for the first time in a long time when she was placed in her first squad, consisting of two boys named Gehn and Vain. These two became her closest friends throughout her studying and training. During her chunin exams, events took a turn for the worst. Vain, the boy komakai had grown to love, betrayed the team and killed Gehn in an argument.

Komakai, under Gehn's request, fled the scene. Eventually, Vain tracked her down and attacked. komakai, in order to survive and to avenge her friend, fought back. Vain lost the battle and died due to his injuries. Komakai escaped virtually unharmed except for a long thin cut on the left side of her face. This cut left a scar that is a constant reminder to Komakai about the events that happened that day. She would never trust anyone easily again. From then on, Komakai was always seen as top of the class material. komakai was trained very well in the use of explostion release by using ht epalms of her hand to make bombs and also by combinding it with earth jutsu and modal clay created art which she used for bombs to help her village achieve there goals.

Rank:Jounin A rank

Village: Konoha

Clan: Kotta

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PostSubject: Re: Shikora, Komakai WIP   Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:31 am

Pretty good. Approved.

Now you may proceed to the next step of Character Approval, which is to go into the Shop Transactions area to request your Data Sheet.

Edits will be made shortly to your account.

Welcome to Konoha...

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Shikora, Komakai WIP
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