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 Bishamon's Data Sheet

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B-rank Criminal
B-rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Bishamon's Data Sheet   Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:59 am


Name: Bishamon Saitou

Rank:B-Rank Nuke nin

Level: 25

Currency: 900 per week





ASP: 0/21

KSP: 0/18

Skills Purchased:

Agility and Speed
-->Level I: Gives the ninja more speed and agility than average ninja do, which allows them to dodge basic attacks with more efficiency.

-->Level II: Gives the ninja even more speed and agility than before, allowing him to dodge ranged attacks, such as shuriken with more efficiency.

-->Level III: (Requires Taijutsu Knowledge Level II) Allows the ninja to use speed related jutsu (Jutsu will have the requirement).

Chakra Mastery
-->Level I: Allows the shinobi to sustain a bit more Chakra. 10% more Chakra. Sannin/Kage ninjas will have a reduction of 5 CP over the total CP (applying skill bonus). Allows the ninja to stick to walls using the tree climbing technique.

-->Level II: Allows the shinobi to sustain a greater amount of Chakra. 20% more Chakra. Sannin/Kage ninjas will have a reduction of 5 CP over the total CP (applying skill bonus). Allows the ninja to walk on water.

Strength and Power
-->Level I: Gives the ninja more strength and power then average ninja do, providing more physical constitution, allowing the ninja to sustain more damage.

-->Level II: Gives the ninja more strength and power then average ninja do, which allows them to deliver more damage in their Taijutsu attacks. The strength level of the ninja will be enough to crack stone with an attack.

-->Level III: (Requires Taijutsu Knowledge Level II) Allows the ninja to use strength related jutsu (Jutsu will have the requirement).

-->Master Level: Gives a huge boost on strength and power. Every thing that requires strength to do is done with great facility by the ninja. He has now a great endurance and resistance to damage.

Hand Seal Expert
-->Level I: The Shinobi is able to make hand seals far faster, allowing them to mold chakra and perform jutsu at a quicker rate then others. -0.5 seconds to cast jutsu.

Genjutsu Resistance
-->Level I: Allows the ninja to realize if he got trapped in a Genjutsu of the same rank, making it easier to make a plan of escape. Allows the use of Genjutsu Kai.

Knowledge Skills:


-->Level I: Allows the ninja to perform simple Taijutsu attacks, such as punches and kick combos. The ninja may only use Taijutsu equal to his level, and may not use a style.

-->Level II: Allows the ninja to have one Taijutsu fighting style with all taijutsu equal to their rank.

-->Level III: Allows the user to have two Taijutsu styles and use jutsu one rank above their own. The second one will only allow the user to use jutsu of a lower rank than himself. -2 reduction on Stamina costs for all Tai techniques.


-->Level I: Allows the ninja to use general ninjutsu (note that some general ninjutsu have other requirements).

-->Level II: Allows the ninja to use general ninjutsu and jutsu from an element of his choice. Can perform jutsu equal to their rank.

-->Level III: Allows the ninja to use general ninjutsu and a second element of his choice. The second will only allow the ninja to use ninjutsu of lower rank than himself. May use general and 1st element ninjutsu at one rank higher.


-->Level I: Allows the ninja to use Genjutus D rank and lower. Allows the use of "Bunshin no Jutsu". Gets Genjutsu Resistance Level I effects.

-->Level II: Allows the ninja to use Genjutsu of C rank and lower. Gets Genjutsu Resistance Level II effects.

-->Level III: Allows the ninja to have Genjutsu up to B rank. Gets Genjutsu Resistance Level III effects.


E and D Rank[spoiler]Clone Technique • [Bunshin no Jutsu]
Genjutsu, General, Visual, E Rank
Cost: 1 Cha per clone.
Description: A basic technique which creates afterimages of the user. The clones are used as a diversion while the user attacks. The clones are incapable of attacking and disappear if touched. An experienced individual is capable of distinguishing the clones from the real person. Can create up to four clones.
Cooldown: None
Price: 50¥

Flare • [Shoumeidan]
Genjutsu, General, Visual, C rank
Cost: 18 Cha
Description: A Genjutsu that is relatively simple to use. The user performs two hand seals before the opponent experiences a bright flash of light that blinds them temporarily. Blindness lasts for one post, on which they will lose – 5 seconds. Opponent must be looking at the user and vice-versa.
Cooldown: 3 posts
Price: 200¥

Body Flick Technique • [Shunshin no Jutsu]
Ninjutsu, General, Supplement, C Rank
Requirements: Agility and Speed Level III
Cost: 28 Cha
Description: This Jutsu is a high-speed movement technique that allows ninja to move short distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily boost the user's reflexes. This Jutsu has many other variants and is used on many different circumstances. It is a complex Jutsu with several different levels of mastery. This is used mainly to escape an area, being it combat or not.
Price: 200¥

Transformation Technique • [Henge no Jutsu]
Ninjutsu, Academy, Supplementary, E Rank
Cost: 5 Cha
Description: A technique which physically changes an individual into another person or thing. The user gains any physical attributes of the person or animal they transform into, such as claws or height, however, their size cannot change very much and any weapon will be for display only, not exactly usable.
Price: 40¥

Underworld Guardian Spikes • [Hari Jizou]
Ninjutsu, General, Defensive, B Rank
Requirements: Ninjutsu Knowledge Level I
Cost: 42 Cha
Description: After forming the needed hand seals, the user’s hair will grow in length to surround and protect his body. In this form it also becomes ridged and spiked, forming a layer of protection from direct strikes and blows. This is able to defend against projectiles and Taijutsu of rank C and lower.
Price: 280¥

Burst of Speed • [Chisoku Heki]
Ninjutsu, General, Supplementary, B Rank
Requirements: Speed Boost, Speed and Agility Level III
Cost: 40+ 2 each turn after the first
Description: The evolution of Speed Boost, this Jutsu further intensifies the effects, thus making one far faster than before.
Price: 280¥

Demolishing Palm • [Houshou]
Taijutsu, Offensive, Melee, B rank
Cost: 22 Sta, 8 Cha
Description: A taijutsu attack where the user strikes an opponent with a chakra enhanced open palm.
Price: 280¥

Bruising Sky Leg • [Tsuuten Kyaku]
Taijutsu, Offensive, Melee, A rank
Cost: 40 Sta
Description: A Taijutsu technique used with monstrous strength, where the leg is raised up in a high arc and brought back down for massive damage against whatever it strikes. It is said with enough strength, this normal kick could kill a ninja.
Price: 380¥

Custom Jutsu:

Smoke Bomb
Type: Item
Slot: Item Slot
Description: Description: A small sphere with secret ingredients inside. It will exploded and fill a small area with smoke, which is used to help in escaping situations to surprise and conceal an attack. Adds 4% of success trying to escape. Bought individually, may stack up to five in one slot. Only usable once.
Price: 40¥
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Aki Izayoi
A-rank Criminal
A-rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: Bishamon's Data Sheet   Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:49 am

alright approved you may now start rpging

Now you just gotta register your elements in the Updates section and you'll be all set to roleplay.

Have fun!

you may also requst you first bi weekly pay day anytime you wish

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Bishamon's Data Sheet
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