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 Hyakuhei Konjaku

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Konjaku Hyakuhei
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

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PostSubject: Hyakuhei Konjaku   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:35 am

Name: Hyakuhei Konjaku
Gender: Male
Age: 19
DOB: 10 August

Appearence: Konjaku carries himself as any other teen would. The slight slouch, the not quite sure whether or not one should care expression, and his thumbs protruding above his pockets while the four remaining fingers on each hand rest comfortably inside of his pockets. In each pocket he has concealed a single kunai, just in case. Konjaku, however bored his eyes may appear, is genuinly interested in his surroundings; constantly formulating escapes, battles, and such.

Konjaku has purple hair just a few inches passed his shoulders. It never really gets in the way so he tries to keep it that short. He has purple eyes that some people seem to be drawn to. It kind of pisses him off when he notices people staring into his eyes, so he wears contacts to make his eyes a dull shade of brown. Unless on missions he wears baggy opac pants, wrapped by tape to his ankles so they don't get in the way, and a black, sleeveless T-shirt. As well as an opac cloak that matches his pants, and black gloves that match his shirt. When he's on missions he wears traditional shinobi garb, or just adds a protective vest to his current attire.

His pale skin in almost desperate need of sunlight offsets his shadow purple eyes and hair. His serene facial features almost feminine normally bored in expression are just a few more things he dislikes about himself, so he wears his cloak low over his face when leaving home. His muscular arms are defined and scarred from practice. His legs are of similar condition, but they're covered under his pants. After years of picking his teeth with kunai his canines are sharper than most peoples and the rest of his teeth are a kind of cross between an animals fangs and a humans normal set of teeth. He rarely smiles but when he does it tends to creep people out.

Personality: Konjaku's outward appearence doesn't really care, however, he pays serious attention to detail and only shows that care when in some form of competition. He's quite laid back, but not necessarily care free. Unless focused on studies he's lost in thought. He rarely thinks about the same thing because often he finds a solution or a reasonable end to his thoughts or concerns however when he is unable to figure something out he becomes excited and enjoys challenging himself. He prefers real life application to academics but understands that academics play a major role in real life applications. To him Knowledge is the ultimate source of power. Force is just a tool accessable to those who wish to gain power. Peacful resolutions are always his first thought however, if peace cannot be attained only the most reasonable amount of force should be used in his opinion.

History Background: Born in Konoha Konjaku wasn't very different from most kids but he didn't like their presence. He never felt like he fit in with kids his age. He was smarter than most if not all of them and did not care about who knew it. He was a high mark student in the academy and spent most of his free time drinking his moms home grown tea or training his mind and kunai skills. Training as much as he did gave him plenty of scars, he was respected by his instructors becuase of his dedication, however, he was singled out by the students because he was a "Teachers Pet," when in all honesty he was just a hard worker. A much harder worker than any of his peers.

He worked so hard in school that he was allowed to graduate two years early but stayed in school anyway so he could further use the academies training equipment and library. He was allowed to stay at the academy but was given less time in his classes because he knew everything they were teaching by then. He was a wonderful student but he always seemed distant and as the years went on he became more distant even from his teachers. All because of his father... Konjaku was an excellent student and a wonderful child but he was unable to gain his father's approval. He saw his father admire pictures of a young man on the wall at their home but never knew who this young man was. When Konjaku was twelve his father had finally told him the young man was his elder brother who died on a simple escort mission, which should have been an A rank mission but was a C rank due to lack of information, vital information.

After 6 more years of comparrison between Konjaku and his elder brother, Konjaku's father died of old age. Konjaku recieved a letter from his father and was given a letter from his elder brother since they were both diseased and his mother did not want to keep them from him. The letters made Konjaku weep. For the first time in Konjaku's life he felt happy. Later that year he got a tattoo on his chest. A quote from brothers letter.

The Quote Reads:
"As strong as stone. As swift as wind. Smarter than any book. As wise as the world around us. My words unto you"-Hyakuhei Kietsu (brother)

To this day Konjaku bears this quote as an uchiha would their sharingan.

Rank: Chunin

Village: Konohagakure

Clan: N/A (none)

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Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Hyakuhei Konjaku   Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:53 am


Don't forget to request your data sheet. You have twice your bi weekly pay starting off.

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Hyakuhei Konjaku
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